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The Suite Life for Eloise

The Plaza Hotel is a New York landmark and one of my favorite places to stay in the city.  If I was six years old, I would want to check into their recently opened Eloise Suite, based upon the mischievous character in Kay Thompson‘s book who lives at the Plaza.  It’s designed by Betsey Johnson in her typical fun and whimsical style that would make any little girl giddy with delight.  The two bedroom Suite provides ample room for children and their parents at a rate of $2350 per night. The fun extends to other areas of the hotel dedicated entirely to the world of Eloise where modern day mini-divas can relax in the Tea Room, get primped in the Beauty Salon and attend Charm School.  I can’t imagine them ever wanting to leave.

A perfect mirror for making sure you look glamorous. Not that you wouldn't already. Especially when you are six.

Well, if one has to have a bawth, one might as well have it here.

Eloise's desk and chair and many boxes of goodness-knows-what.

(All images via Plaza Hotel)



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