Fierce 80s on Canadian Catwalk

Image via Madam Wolf

When it comes to 80s trends playing strong on the runways right now, it doesn’t matter whether one’s in the fashion mecca of New York or lesser known Calgary, the mid-sized Canadian city which is a stone’s throw from the Rocky Mountains.  What I saw on the closing night of Alberta Fashion Week was a nod to the decadent era when Madonna became a household name and cone-shaped bras a fashion statement.  Although the clothes had a Canadian flair all their own, it was easily apparent the 80s have influenced designers all across the globe during the current Fall shows.  Here are some highlights and photos below:

Brook Fung of Peeko Apparel presented fresh and eco-friendly designs from recycled materials, such as men’s dress shirts. The show opened with a model wearing Fung’s signature neck garland that was both stylish and functional for fashionistas living in colder climates.  There was an abundance of chains, shoulder epaulets, high-waisted  asymmetrical skirts and cropped tops, all giving tribute to that decade we either love or hate, depending upon one’s fashion sensibilities.

With the eclectic travel-influenced Kanyo & Court label shown by siblings Shelly Kanyo and Andy Court, it was easy to be transported from Canada to somewhere much warmer and exotic.   Feminine skirts and embellished tops in bursts of color borrowed from the Far East seemed to float across the runway.  The strong bohemian spirit continued with turban headbands, suspenders, tailored shorts and flowy tops, perfect for jet-setters with wanderlust for faraway places.

Jenna Etcheverry, the brainchild of ready-to-wear line Madame Wolf, almost made us forget we were sitting entirely north of the 49th parallel with a glam rock collection ideal for young Hollywood.  The models strutted down the runway carrying cans of Redbull and oversized bags slung over their shoulders without a care in the world.  An attitude only the rich-and- skinny might afford.  Off-the-shoulder tops were playfully paired with high-waisted shorts which drew eyes to the carefully positioned gold zippers in the back.  The good girls-gone bad vibe prevailed as feminine dresses with asymmetrical hemlines and cinched waists were shown with tough military boots. The finale being a ‘Wolf Pack’ romper showing fierce fashion at its best.

So no matter where you are, the 80s are like, totally back in a big-puffy-shoulder-pad kind of way.

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