The Magic of Morrocanoil

I often receive compliments on my hair being soft and shiny.  I think that a lot of it has to do with my East Indian heritage so I’m pretty lucky!  Nevertheless, I do take good care of my tresses with regular trims and minimal coloring.  My latest love is the Montreal-based Morrocanoil line of products which contain argan oil, a expensive oil derived from the berries of the argan tree in Morocco. After using the Moisture Repair shampoo and conditioner, I simply apply a few drops of the Moroccanoil Oil Treatment before styling. It’s absorbed super-fast for being an oil and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling in the hair at all.  During our cold Canadian winters, I periodically use the Moroccanoil Dry No More Scalp Treatment which provides that extra dose of nourishment.

Even Fergie is raving about Moroccanoil in this month’s People magazine,  “I brush it through my hair and let it soak all night.”

Ask your stylist for a sample and you’ll soon want more!


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