Stylish in Central Park

Although I’m basking in the last bit of summer and sad to see the days getting shorter, I am also secretly anticipating the arrival of autumn which brings forth a burst of color and beautiful Fall fashions.  Other than my own neighborhood, my favorite place to watch the magical transformation of landscape is Central Park, New York.  In the spirit of the oncoming season, here’s a peek at Michael KorsFall 2010 Central Park-inspired photo shoot with the dreamy duo Noah Mills and Carmen Kass, shot by Mario Testino.





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2 responses to “Stylish in Central Park

  1. Kacey Fotopoulos

    I love these photos Rupi – thanks for posting! My fav time of your is the Fall…think I NEED that michael Kors bag…plus everything else I saw.

    Loving your Blog…keep it up!!


  2. I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog Kacey. I agree about the Michael Kors bags…one of each please!
    Thanks for your sweet comment about the blog. I will keep writing as long as I have you lovely readers. Love & happiness.

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