Billionaire Babes

The Forbes list of heiresses to watch includes the following low-key lovelies who are a formidable force in growing their family fortunes:

  1. Emma Bloomberg (daughter of Michael Bloomberg, net worth $18B)
  2. Andrea Soros (daughter of George Soros, $14B)
  3. Roberta and Silvana Armani (nieces of Georgio Armani, $5.3B)
  4. Nisa Godrej (daughter of Adi Godrej, $5.2B)
  5. Dylan Lauren (daughter of Ralph Lauren, $4.6B)
  6. Jennifer Woo (daughter of Peter Woo, $4.3B)
  7. Roshni Nadar (daughter of Shiv Nadar, $4.2B)image
  8. Holly Branson (daughter of Richard Branson, $4B)
  9. Aerin Lauder (daughter of Ronald Lauder, $2.6B)
  10. Ivanka Trump (daughter of Donald Trump, $2B)

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